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Spencer’s has been focused on delivering humor and enjoyment to peoples’ lives for over 60 years.

WARNING: The material and subject matter on this page may not be suitable for children. Proceed at your own risk.

Get the party started with great gifts and party decorations along with drinking games and gag gifts to jump start the laughs. Finally legal? Get great 21st birthday party gifts to celebrate. Planning a bachelorette party? Have a blast with bachelorette party shot glasses, tiaras and sashes – find the best selection of bachelorette party gifts at Spencer’s. Want a blowout bachelor party? Bring a blow-up doll or cook up some fun with the Boobie Cake Pan – the bachelor will enjoy his last meal before hitching up to the ball and chain!

How To Design Your Own T-Shirt

Funny and hilarious gifts for any occasion. Whether you are heading to a birthday, bachelor party, bachelorette or just looking for a gag gift, we’ve got you covered at Spencer’s.

Bachelor Party Items

Brilliant for Bachelor Parties, hilarious for Bachelorette celebrations! The Alcohol Shot Gun shoots a shot of your favorite drink straight into your mouth. Just load up the alcohol shot gun with 1 1/2 fluid ounces, open your mouth, aim and pull the trigger–BOOM! Vodka violating your mouth, Rum ricocheting off your tongue, whiskey whizzing down your throat!

Alcohol Shotgun

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Bachelorette Party Items

Gag Gifts

Crack up the gang with hilarious gags and get a reputation – for being funny! Everybody likes to laugh, and everybody enjoys the jokester who shows up at the lunch table, water cooler, party or bar. How exactly do you get to be funny? Well, not everyone’s a natural-born comic, but with a little help from your friends at Spencer’s, you can generate a laugh a minute, and that’s no joke. Find classic gag gifts like no-tear toilet paper, shocking pens or prank envelopes – with “professional” prankster paraphernalia, you’ll be the life of the party!

Rubber chickens, whoopee cushions, redneck teeth and funny glasses are just a few of more familiar ways to elicit a giggle, or a guffaw, but there’s some amazing new technology in gag gifts and pranks that will really crack up the crowd. Need a unique funny gift or planning a party – think funny and the laughs will follow. Research says that laughter is the best medicine, so take it from someone who plays a doctor on TV: Spencer’s has the RX for FUN!


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